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    About us

    People oriented, science and technology first, and win-win cooperation

    Baiyin Ibo Chemical Technology Co. Ltd, is a new high-tech enterprise established in 2019. The company is located in Baiyin, Gansu Province Silver High-tech Industrial Park East Fine Chemical Industry Park, covering an area of 70 mu, with 3 standard production workshops of 10000 square meters each. We boast an overall reaction capacity of 500000 liters, including various reactors from 20 to 50000 litres. We can handle nitration, chlorination, hydrogenation, amination, amidation, acyl chlorination, hydrolysis and acetyl acetylation, chlorosulfonation, esterification, oxidation, sulfonation, chloride and so on all. We manufacture from kg to container level, involved in organic pigment dyes, pesticide, medicine, dozens of intermediates in three industries. The company adopts advanced sewage treatment process to treat 435m3 of production wastewater every day, and is equipped with high salt wastewater treatment device and sludge dewatering facilities, efficient waste gas treatment device and standardized temporary storage of hazardous waste.

    Baiyin Ibo Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.